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What is Forex?

A brief introduction to the Forex market.

Currency Pairs and How to Read Them

It is obviously very important when looking at a currency pair that you know how to read the exchange rate correctly.

Or you could end up trading in the wrong direction.

Price Chart

The price chart depicts the price change of the underlying currency pair. We go through the charts characteristics. The chart is where you will spend a lot of time observing price behavior. Trade decisions will be aided by what you see.

Technical Analysis and Indicators

Technical analysis can aid the trader in making better-informed decisions on Risk, when to enter and exit a trade. As well as aid you in identifying trends and potential reversal points.

Trading Strategy

We delve into what a trading strategy is. What should be included in your strategy and also touch on the importance of a backtested trading strategy.

Placing A Trade

In this section, we look at a deal ticket and how to place a trade with a broker. We also take a look at the all-important margin and leverage.

Putting it All Together

We look at a smart approach to putting this all together to give you a fighting chance f becoming successful.

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Firstly, welcome to Able Trading.

Now, approaching the markets is not for the ill-informed.

There is lots of information available most of which is not very useful.

With our very own strategy and approach we are fortunate enough to trade successfully.

This is because we adopt a carefully planned strategy.

Therefore, that gives us confidence and positive results and over the long term.

However, many so-called strategies do not.

Using our own strategy we maintain a swing trading approach.

However, this could also be utilised for day trading.

The Able Method is an approach to trading that has been honed over many years.

The strategy has been successfully backtested.

Price action and specific market conditions being met are the main focus.

The Able account is up around 20% in 2019

We offer a membership whereby you can obtain the trade information here

The Able Method course will be available in 2019

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Finally, we also offer one to one mentoring.

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