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All the Forex traders below apart from Darcy (who was a complete beginner) were let down by so-called traders who offered education (sales people not traders). I’ve been there myself through the struggles and made it, and fully understand why so many new Forex traders fail (they are mostly misled by fake traders). Most do not understand why they are not successful and I didn’t have anyone to show me how to put it all together! That is why it took me years –

  • I wasn’t confident of my capabilities
  • I was unsure if what I was learning was a waste of time?
  • I didn’t have a ‘me’ to guide me! If I did I would of saved so much time and money!

That is why my education is so successful because unlike most services offered, I’m not pretending to be a trader and offer education. 

I am a Forex trader and prove it! Week in week out through real time Live trade alerts in the trading room.

Therefore the education isn’t vague or contradicting.

It’s extremely direct, has a very clear process and conditions and makes testing and live trading, a systematic plan-following exercise and simple to follow!

The pattern has been clear to me now for a long time, from traders that I have worked with. They try a Forex trading service that offers a simple system or price action system with no real proof the person behind the education are real proven traders or what they offer even works!? I’ve heard this story a thousand times and why Able Trading is the only education that can ‘fix’ traders where they have been failed before. It’s one way traffic, Able Trading is where all the traders that have been failed or are struggling elsewhere come to finally achieve their goals and make the progress they desire!

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