Forex Trader


I’m a Forex trader and educator that doesn’t hide my performance from members…

I started Forex trading, most likely in a similar position to you.

Working full time and searching for a trading strategy and education that could help me reach my goals.

I was looking for surplus income and a possible career change.

(In 2022 I was invited to trade with a Hedge fund, following a review of my positive performance. I will be a portfolio manager (FX Trader) managing money professionally.)

My interest in trading the financial markets started throughout my early twenties. However, I was only half invested, picking it up and putting it down.

I took it a lot more serious in my late twenties and early thirties.

I’ve always had a general interest in investing and the financial markets and a relentless, fierce drive of reaching a goal I set my sights on.

I bought my first property at 24 years old and rented it out; my first real investment.

That started my interest in property investment, and later development, as well as trading and investing in the financial markets.

My wife and I own a property portfolio in the UK and Central Europe.

The turning point from unsuccessful to profitable trader was a really simple change in my approach and my mindset.

It was thanks to meeting a trader from Goldman Sachs and a chat over a pint that changed the way I thought about trading.

I delved into my statements and realised where I was going wrong.

It had nothing to do with my strategy and everything to do with my approach and mindset.

One tweak and I started making positive returns. This same tweak is what makes or breaks traders; I teach that very same tweak to my trading community.

With regards to Forex Trading and founding I wanted to start a trading community where success was really achievable.

That has proven to be the case with members making career changes to full-time trading as well as surplus income.

As a matter of transparency, I post my trades and the trading results, not faux luxury social media posts like a lot Instagram, Tik Tok type trading educators.

That means you know you are learning a trading strategy that is demonstrated to work.

I’m an FX trader that trades right along side with you and lead by example instead of offering hindsight trading like most services.

When I trade, I demonstrate that by sharing the trade details, entry, stop and target in real time to my community in the trading room.

This transparency is largely unrivalled. It’s the opposite of the 99% of Forex trading educators who tell their community what they have done, after the fact, rather then demonstrate at the time.

Check out my historical live trade alerts positive performance (see here) 

I’m a Forex trader with a difference.

There are far too many trading educators who talk the talk and not walk the walk and that’s where I’m different.

If I’m having a bad month you’ll soon see from the live trade alerts exactly how I’m doing but in the last 36 months only 3 of them were losing months.

I have traded the Forex market for well over a decade from a complete beginner and whilst doing so obtained a deep understanding of what is required to make consistent trading returns and how to teach others to do the same through a simple plan following exercise.

It wasn’t always the case, I had to learn the hard way.

I have no formal education or institutional training.

The testing and building of my proven trading method has taken years of experience (and losses) to develop.

But now it’s a refined, simple repeatable and systematic process to trade (broadly) the Forex market that anyone is capable of learning.

And so, was established!

If you want to join me as Forex trader I would love to work with you!

Stop losing and start winning! 

Become one of the Able!