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Free webinar 2nd April 20:00(GMT) Are you interested in trading the financial markets such as forex and indices?Do you have some questions and would like a real trader to answer them?Are you an aspiring forex and index…
Able Trading stop loss hunting

Stop loss hunting in forex, does it really exist?

The Hunted   How many times have you been trading forex or any other asset only to be stopped out by a pip or two? Price heads to your stop loss & takes you out of the trade. Then reverses almost, what seems immediately onto…
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Master these 4 essential points to trading success!

Essential viewing if your serious about trading... trading less

Try this out for better trading results!

I usually post a chart of the week and a trade idea. However, I cannot force a trading idea if there isn't a quality set up for me to post about. I decided to write this piece instead. It's quite apt considering there is no trade…
Able Trading Opinion Forex

The importance of Charts

Charts are lagging indicators? That is what we are told by fundamental proponents   You cannot argue with that statement. However, you can certainly think about it differently. Charts are lagging indicators to those looking at…

The one thing every aspiring 'Trader' needs to understand to become successful!

Accept losing trades. Yes that's correct, you did read that right as you perhaps spat your coffee out.   You have to accept losing trades as part of the trading process and cope mentally and embrace the fact you will lose(often)…

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