Don’t worry! Even though the Day Trading monthly membership has closed there is still an opportunity for you to join our elite community.

The Atomic Alpha Trading Room is only open to those who are committed to taking trading seriously. Currently includes full-time and funded traders, EA traders and those that are serious about learning to trade.

You will be surrounded by friendly, helpful and profitable traders and that means quicker progress!

You can enter the Atomic Alpha room through a 2 hour mentoring session with Richard!

You learn a simple, 100% proven trading strategy that many rely on for funding and consistent profits!

Suitable for those with some experience, however, please let Richard know if you are a beginner!


  • 100% Proven simple trading strategy used for the live trade alerts
  • Reading/Mapping the market with precision so you can be confident when trading
  • The specific times to trade to increase probability to 80-90%
  • Mindset coaching (This is essential to become a winning trader no matter what the strategy, without it no strategy will work because this is a part of the strategy for every successful trader)
  • Access to the Atomic Alpha Day Trading Room

Richard, an abundantly proven trader who is responsible for the the live trade alerts performance (averaging 10% a month, below) teaching many traders to be fully funded and even full-time trading has been achieved.

Richard has been sharing his live trade results for years and in the trading rooms for no other reason than providing proof the trading strategies you learn; 100% work in a live market environment!

Richard decided to close the monthly membership as he wants members that really want to learn to trade and make some money!

Time wasters that dilute the quality of the community are not welcome.

This is a winning community for winning traders which include…

Full-time traders, funded account holders with all current members manging consistent profits who were all once in your position!

The the commitment to learning a simple strategy through a 2 hour mentoring session immediately puts a quality filter on those that want to be apart of this very successful community and trading room.

This means you are surrounded by real profitable traders who can help each other.

The fastest route to consistent profitability with a proven trading strategy!

Learn to Day Trade and Scalp Profitably with a 100% Proven Forex Trading Strategy