How long have you been trading?

I have been trading over 11 years.

Where did you learn to trade?

Initially I taught myself. Research papers, free reputable online information and books.

Then I undertook some courses and was lucky enough to be mentored privately.

How do you approach the market? Do you use fundamental and technical analysis?

I approach the market with a fluid objective view. I now incorporate fundamental and technical analysis into my trade ideas and approach but this has come with time and a better understanding of the global markets and what tends to move them. You can too, this will take some time so be patient and stick at it!

Can you make money trading with technical analysis only?

In my honest opinion yes you can but this will take time. There is important factors that must be adhered too. Intuition plays a big part in technical analysis and price action, which will only come to you after hours and hours of screen time. No one said it is a quick and easy process. Anyone that says that it is be very wary of them.

Like any profession, you have to apply yourself to gain results.

How much money can I make trading?

Depending on your account size and the risk you are willing to take this vary your returns.  I’m more risk averse, meaning on average  I risk less that 1% of my capital per trade. Based on this as a percentage guide expect between  1  –  3% a month. It’s a marathon and not a sprint.

Will you teach me to trade?

I will certainly have a conversation with you to see if I can help.

Whats included in the membership?

Membership is currently being processed and refined. Expect access to what I trade and when I trade.