Relying on a Forex Course only?

Why real resources are essential to your success…

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How many times have you learned a ‘strategy’ from a Forex course, back-tested it and gone on to trade it live only to lose more money than you made?

I’m betting at least once unless you are a complete beginner.

Right please stop… That’s what I did for a few years and that is what the 90% do that continue to fail.

The missing piece of the strategy is you! You are the final cog in the machine to make it work.

It’s never a complete strategy and will never work without the essential and missing information that you must know to make it succeed!

The best bit of all, it’s not that difficult, but…

You can’t and won’t get this information from anyone else unless they are really a proven trader over a sustained period of time! (proof is hard to come by read this for complete clarity as to why you may be struggling)

Note: In light of positive performance Richard was invited to trade with a Hedge Fund in 2022

If you tried services that offer forecasts and recap videos and cherry picked periods of trading there’s your answer as to why you are struggling!

Resources available to you as a member of Able Trading

Chat room. 3y public track record with proven trader right by your side trading with you sharing live trade alerts! Get your questions answered in real time Mon-Friday GMT 6am-6pm

Community Trade watchlist updated daily. This is my own personal trade watchlist covering FX, Commodities and Indices such as the SP500

Live analysis videos twice weekly. So you can see what trades I’m looking at & what for!

Additional subject videos. (confluence analysis, economic calendar, support and resistance FX themes additional analysis etc…)

Live trade alerts shared in the Trading room. With entry, stop and target that are based on the very same Able Method strategy that you can learn by video course. This is vital that you can see the trades playing out in real time unlike most forecast and recap traders.

Having offered a Forex course and taught Forex trading to success for a few years I have my theory as to why that is.

It’s ever so easy for anyone to pretend they are something they are not on social media.

The reality altering and misleading nature of social media has in my opinion aided towards the extremely high failure rate in Forex trading; around some 80-90%

Social media is around 95% unproven Forex Courses by unproven traders!

For more info on what proof really is read this!

Yet many pay these people to learn to trade Forex… (I once did too!)

It wasn’t quite as bad as now when I bought my first Forex course on spread betting all those years ago.

Then again I didn’t have the resources I offer to my community so it took me around 5 years instead of 12 months or so.

The most important aspect of successful trading is you and your mindset.

Yep I know, boring…

I thought the same for years and wondered why I wasn’t making sustainable returns. Then I started doing the opposite and guess what…

Few like to listen or accept it, yet those that do make it!

I have more clients gone on to full-time trading with a simple strategy and my recourses than any other educator I know of read more here 

What resources do I offer other than a Forex course that makes the difference?

I’ve got a 3 year track record that proves that my Forex trading strategy and methodology is profitable and that I can trade over a sustained period of time. I was once just like you, learning to trade forex and frustrated. So I offer more than just a Forex course for a reason…

Many think all they need are a few conditions of a strategy from a Forex course and they can go it alone… wrong I’m afraid. This why new Forex traders will seek a strategy from YouTube or buy one and wonder why it doesn’t work.

There is a lot more to a strategy than some conditons. It’s the way you think, act and interact with the market. If it were as simple some a few rules then the success rate would be much higher wouldn’t it?

This is where I realised had I of had a me with my recourses I would have cut my learning time down by 1/5!

When has this worked for you? That is why you have probably back tested successfully many times and traded poorly live and that is why you are not making the progress you deserve.

I did this for around 5 years until I changed my mindset and the way I think!

This is where the Able Trading resources are second to none and the reason I have had more full time traders than any other educator.

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