Able Swing Trading membership

The Able method account is up about 20% since December

Swing Trading infographic

When it comes to any kind of education including swing trading we all learn at a different pace.

We all learn from different types of approach.

Some prefer a visual representation, others prefer text and reading.

And my advised approach to any kind of learning endeavor such as swing trading is by ‘doing’.

To digest lots of information it takes time no matter how you absorb it.

Experience is essential in any kind of skill you are attempting to obtain and especially if you want to become proficient.

The Able Swing Trading group is an affordable and ideal way to start!

Experience the financial markets with some guidance.

Now, for any kind of positive experience, I would recommend you sign up with the intention of remaining a member for at least 3 months but ideally look to commit for as long as possible to obtain the ups and downs of real trading.

You can, of course, cancel after one-month however, trading successfully is for a positive expectancy over the longer term.

If your intentions are to eventually become a successful trader you need to understand this first.

I show my Able Live trading account statement

Trading Signals 2019

*Average amount of signals per month: 10

*Average winners per month:  6

*R:R  2:1   Average: Winning twice as much as risked.

*The figures above have been taken over 12 months see here for performance

Naturally, the market will only be traded when the correct conditions present themselves.


Who this membership is for?

  • Aspiring traders and beginners with some knowledge advisable but not essential.
  • Individuals with realistic expectations.
  • Traders with some experience that may require some community
  • Individuals that would like a *discount on the forthcoming trading course that I will be providing
  • Individuals with an account set up to trade the markets below.

What markets do I trade?

  • Foreign Exchange (Forex/Currencies)
  • Commodities Oil. Gold, copper, etc.
  • Indices Dax30, Ftse 100 S&P500, etc.

Who this membership is not for?

  • Get rich quick merchants.
  • Individuals with unrealistic expectations
  • Impatient individuals with a lack of understanding that real trading success is a marathon and not a sprint.

Join ‘The Able’ community today!

  • I share ‘The Able Method’ trades in real time.
  • Sent to your phone in real time.
  • I detail the reasoning behind why I will take trades.
  • Entry, exit, and risk are defined before the trade is taken.
  • Weekly update videos and regular Q&A sessions
  • Trade in and around your current commitments to suit your lifestyle.
  • I’m accessible for any trading queries you may have.
  • A perfect way to gradually understand the markets in your own time whilst having support.

If you want to join the ‘Able’ community and trade with a real trader then what are you waiting for?

£69.99 per month

You can cancel at any time.

*A 25% discount will be applied to the ‘The Able Method’ course after 6 months of continuous membership.