Performance 2018 

January – Dec 2018

Verified trades from statements supplied by an FCA regulated Broker

Nett pips are stated below for each month and every trade from my account statements

Month                  Pips Lost/Gained               Winning Trades                Losing Trades

January                   698                                               7                                         6

February                 337                                               20                                      13

March                     1352                                              19                                      17

April                        342                                                19                                      17

May                         1258                                              19                                      14

June                       -504                                                 5                                        13

July                          686                                                 8                                         1

August                   -408                                                1                                          6

September              179                                               9                                           7

October                   240                                               3                                           2

November             -558                                                8                                         22

December               2069                                            15                                           8

Jan – Dec 2018

First of all, you can see from the above results I am net positive.

This means I have banked more than I have lost.

For example, say you were to place all of the above trades at £5 per stake/pip; Based on the above results, this would yield a profit of £28,455.00

The above results were thanks to applying my discretionary swing trading approach.

I have developed this over many years of practice.

My approach is relatively simple to learn if you apply yourself, however, I would class it as an advanced strategy & methodology.

A focused individual could learn and apply my methods given some concentration, time and effort.

Stats (averages)

Win rate                 50%                            I’m correct approx. 50% of the time.

R:R                          2:1                              I win twice as much as I risk/lose

Pips per win           90                              Average winning trade yields 90 pips

Pips per loss           42                              Average losing trade is 42 pips

Amount of different assets traded   23    i.e. Gold, Oil, Forex, FTSE100, Dax30 etc…

Losing months        3

Winning Months     9


I am putting together a course of my approach ‘ The Able method’ and would like to create a community of like-minded traders that want to learn my approach.

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Past performance is no guarantee of future performance