Performance 2019/2020

Verified trades from statements supplied by an FCA regulated Broker

Net pips are stated below for each month and every trade from my account statements


Equity Curve + 71% Dec 18 – Nov 19

Watch the Video – Proof of Trading returns on Live account 2019

Max Drawdown 3.02% – 2019

Able Trading Underwater chart 2019

Able Trading Underwater chart 2019

Able HQ – 2019

Richard @ Trading Desk Harpenden UK

Trading Desk Hertfordshire UK

Firstly you can see from the above results we were net positive.

This is because we have banked more pips than we have lost. Let us explain more…

Each pip has an amount attributed to it (stake)when traded.

For example, if you trade in the spot Forex market you will trade ‘lots’.

These are currency contracts which are traded.

The ‘lots’ (contract) can be traded in different quantities and can be split, for example, you may trade a half or even a mini ‘lot’ to suit your risk appetite.

Depending on which broker you trade with it may be the case that you spread bet instead.

It’s much of the same except you will trade a ‘stake’ per pip on a spread betting account and the spreads may not be as favourable.

Furthermore, when it comes to spread betting there are tax advantages.

Going back to our trading results.

Say you were to place all of the above trades at £2.00 per stake/pip; Based on the above results this would yield gains of £17,614.00

The above results were thanks to applying  ‘The Able Method’ that we teach on our Evolution membership and Program

We still use to this approach week in week out to make consistent gains.

The Evolution membership and Program is available here

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