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I have provided up to date performance data on date & time stamped trade forecast chart screen shots that are placed into the members forum trade watchlist.

The trade forecasts are placed in the members watchlist every week/day with predefined profit targets and well before the event

Members and myself take the trades in watchlist to suit our own portfolio and risk profile these are also shared in the chat room.

In 2021 some members were known to be making up to 5% per week risking only up to 1%.

Live Trade account Proof of Performance 12 Month Period

Verified trades from statements supplied by an FCA regulated Broker

Net pips are stated below for each month and every trade from my account statements shown in the video

Video Live Account

I provide transparency on my successful trading performance over a sustained period of 12 months obtaining a

net (uncompounded) +71% return with 3.02% drawdown.

I provided unrivalled transparency by showing you one of my live accounts in real time and downloading statements.

 This is to demonstrate and reassure to you that I’m sufficiently experienced to provide the education and information that I do.

The video is further down on the page but please read below about the value of the members Forum.

Watch the Video – Proof of Trading returns on Live account over 12 months

Live account video – Max Drawdown 3.02% Over 12 months

Able Trading Underwater chart 201912 month underwater / drawdown chart 3.02%

Live Account Video

Firstly you can see from the above results the account is net positive.

This is because I have banked more pips than I have lost. Let me explain more…

Each pip has a monetary stake amount attributed to it when placing a trade.

For example, if you trade in the spot Forex market you will trade ‘lots’.

These are currency contracts which are traded.

The ‘lots’ can be traded in different quantities and can be split, for example, you may trade a half or even a mini ‘lot’ to suit your risk appetite.

Depending on which broker you trade with it may be the case that you spread bet instead.

It’s much of the same except you will trade a ‘stake’ per pip on a spread betting account and the spreads may not be as favourable.

Furthermore, when it comes to spread betting there are tax advantages.

Going back to the 12 month trading results.

Say you were to place all of the above trades at £2.00 per stake/pip; Based on the above results this would yield gains of £17,614.00

The above results were thanks to applying  ‘The Able Method’

The Able Method is a trading strategy/approach available to new members immediately upon sign up.

I still use to this approach week in week out to make consistent gains and has seen full time trading achieved.

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