A Proven Trading Strategy with Elite Entry Technique

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We decided to provide a proven trading strategy that we have been using to obtain gains for many years just by be being patient and observing and identifying the correct conditions.

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In this video where we cover a proven trading strategy we haven’t provided an example on hindsight analysis.

What kind of example would that be?

We thought we would stick our neck on the line.

This wasn’t a video recorded where you could see the future of price.

What value would that add as a strategy video?

We have provided this strategy before the event unfolded.

The future of how the price would unfold was unknown and so we took a risk to put this video out in the public domain.

This short AUD/JPY trade is playing out exactly as we thought, which is nice…

In all seriousness the risk paid off as we are confident in our trading abilities given we have been around the markets for a quite a while.

Obtaining a proven trading strategy is something all new traders would like.

So we thought here is a simple starter strategy, for free.

If there is anything you don not understand you should reach out and ask we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

This strategy is in addition to our main framework the Able Method.

Utilising both approaches we can capitalise on the price moves of the underlying market.

Understanding probabilities is a good start for newer traders.

Thinking in probabilities is the way you should be thinking as nothing is certain in trading the financial markets.

That is why so many newer traders tend to hop from one system to another in search of a trading system that yields no losers.

Unfortunately this trading strategy does not exist.

Of course we could of been incorrect as that is part and parcel of trading the financial markets.

After you have watched the video if you want to read more on how important it is to understand that losing is very much a part of winning read the article here for free