Are you a Forex Trader or a gambler

Are You Trading Forex Or Are You Gambling? There is a very awkward reality many traders need to face; they may not be trading at all! Yes, certainly, there is an element of gambling. Or some may say it is flat-out gambling. I guess I couldn't…

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Free webinar 2nd April 20:00(GMT) Are you interested in trading the financial markets such as forex and indices?Do you have some questions and would like a real trader to answer them?Are you an aspiring forex and index…
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Risk In Your Strategy: Friend Or Foe In Forex Trading?

Risk In Your Strategy: Friend Or Foe In Forex Trading? When we set out in the world of Forex trading, we expect to do our best and accomplish the goals we want to reach. We are starting to be investors and there is nothing that stops us, but…

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Forex Trading: It requires patience.

Take Your Time: Forex Trading Needs Time to Digest Aspiring Forex traders expect results, and they expect them quickly. Any strategy which does not reduce risk to a 0% chance of a loss is a failure, and every loss means a potential end…