Swing Trading Strategy That is Beginner Friendly

If 80-90% fail to succeed at Forex trading you simply do the opposite!

Don’t follow the herd and get slaughtered… (read why is Forex so hard here)

Note: In light of positive performance Richard was invited to trade with a Hedge Fund in 2022

In the Able community we trade one (3 year track record, proven) trading strategy set up, on repeat.

(more strategies are available once this one has been understood and is important stepping stone)

This makes it easier to win at this game!

The Able Method is a clear systematic process, so you know when and when not to trade… That is vital to your success.

A huge reduction in discretion and an increase in clarity & confidence.

That means you can focus on the Forex trading strategy process, which is all that matters to deliver returns.

Trading Strategy Mantra

Observe, confirm and Act.

This trading mantra will keep you in check. So you know exactly when you should and shouldn’t trade.

Following this systematic process can deliver between 5-10% each month when followed correctly.

This is based on live trade alerts shared in my trading room risking 1% on average.

All you need to do to become consistent is follow the steps, wait patiently, and repeat.

Following a checklist style process and methodology that has seen members go full-time, consistently profitable and get funded.

Average Metrics From Live Called Trade Alerts Based on My Forex Trading Strategy the Able Method 

  • Win rate 64%
  • Drawdown over 24 months 6-8%
  • Returns *8.59% average a month over 24 months 1% risk per trade. (2% risk would double the average to 17.18%)
  • *8.59% is an approximate average over 24 months of live trade alerts shared in the trading room in real time to prove the strategy is profitable in a live market environment over a sustained period of time.

the best forex trading strategy conditions

75% No discretion on conditions

These simple and clear to confirm visual conditions either have or haven’t confirmed on the chart, which makes it easy to stick to following the process that aids you in executing your edge.

25% Confluence

This is a price level check. We want to make sure we are trading from an ‘optimal common sense price level’

Examples as such are support or resistance and a round numbers…

This 2 step process…

of identifying and confirming conditions at a confluence level, reduces the discretion hugely for the trader and keeps you consistent in the approach which is vitally important to allow the edge to play out over time.

It also highlights why we are patient and disciplined.

Patient enough to await the conditions to confirm and disciplined enough to take the trade when they do. This is the most over looked and neglected aspect of successful trading.

Struggling Forex Trader? Don’t Worry We’ve All Been There Including me!

Look at the graphic below…

proof of Forex trading strategy

There’s nothing wrong with the list on the right if it is accompanied by proof on the left.

The fastest method to learn to trade to success is being lead by example.

I was once in your position! I’ve developed a deep understanding of not only trading successfully but teaching successfully! Every Funded and Full Time Member of Able Trading Did One Thing Wrong: They listened to the wrong people with no proof that their system worked or they could even trade. It’s very common…

That’s why I share all my trades in my trading room. Before that I shared 12 months of my live account statements you can watch the video here. Surely the most important thing to you who wants to learn to trade Forex is to know the method works?!

Below: A Thank you card from the girlfriend of one trader that went on to trade his own account full time. Able Trading Full time forex trader

Review from Ryan Halley who learned how to become consistently profitable at Able Trading and trades a 6 figure account full time

Full time forex trader review

Before joining Able Trading they wasted huge amounts of valuable time and money! Then they realised that they were being misled. It’s all too common following people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk! Luxury social media posts and a large following mean nothing without transparency on their trading strategy performance.

Not to worry! Those that struggled soon found success here at Able Trading. All that have found success have done so in 50% less time than they had previously. Do you know why? Because I’m a proven trader with a proven strategy who is transparent and I’m the best teacher you’ll ever have.

There I said it…

The fact is I’m the only Forex trader that has shared his trades in real time consistently over the last few years and I’ve taught more than one member to full time trading.

*accurate to the best of our knowledge and is data taken from live trade alerts shared in the trading room

  • Through trading this simple strategy full-time trading and funding has been achieved.
  • You learn the same strategy as used for the live trade alerts
  • The trading strategy entry conditions are simple and clear to identify so you do not become confused.
  • These particular conditions are non-discretionary –  Yes / No conditions so you have a simple task of confirming them.
  • Check-list style conditions make it very simple for the trader to remain consistent with approach and back-test.
  • Discretion and variables are reduced to a minimum to aid the trader to make a positive return through dependent probability. (that means that each new condition confirmed is increasing the odds for the trader)
  • An over-lay for confluence / sentiment check is applied to increase the odds further. (support and resistance etc…)
  • At the core of every successful trader and strategy is the correct mindset! It’s very simple to learn but it is difficult to accept for many. Patience and discipline are required. The correct mindset is part of every successful trading strategy and why we are so successful at Able Trading. 
  • Guided directly by Richard a proven trader in the trading room Mon-Fri. You can have your questions answered via DM or in the room. This will aid your understanding of why we do what we do as traders, coaching your trading psychology which without it success will not be forthcoming.