Our Trading Mantra is…

Observe, confirm and Act.

Metrics (avg.) Live Called Trade Alerts 

Win rate 64%

Drawdown over 12 months 8%

Returns 5-10% a month (Able Method)

Struggling Price Action Trader? Don’t Worry We’ve All Been There!

Every Funded and Full Time Member, Started With Pure Price Action and Wasted Far Too Much Money and Time Listening To The Wrong People…

Then They Found Success Here At Able Trading, In Half The Time They Had Spent Previously Trying To Learn To Trade Using Indicators To Bring Clarity, Consistency and Confidence! (News Flash – It’s easier to learn and if you have ever heard the saying ‘indicators are lagging’ you’ve been told the obvious by someone pretending they are a genius but I bet they didn’t prove their trading performance?)

  • Through trading this simple strategy full-time trading and funding has been achieved.
  • You learn the same strategy as used for the live trade alerts
  • The trading strategy entry conditions are simple and clear to identify so you do not become confused.
  • These particular conditions are non-discretionary –  Yes / No conditions so you have a simple task of confirming them.
  • Check-list style conditions make it very simple for the trader to remain consistent with approach and back-test.
  • Discretion and variables are reduced to a minimum to aid the trader to make a positive return through dependent probability. (that means that each new condition confirmed is increasing the odds for the trader)
  • An over-lay for confluence / sentiment check is applied to increase the odds further. (support and resistance etc…)
  • At the core of every successful trader and strategy is the correct mindset! It’s very simple to learn but it is difficult to accept for many. Patience and discipline are required. The correct mindset is part of every successful trading strategy and why we are so successful at Able Trading. 
  • Guided directly by Richard a proven trader in the trading room Mon-Fri. You can have your questions answered via DM or in the room. This will aid your understanding of why we do what we do as traders, coaching your trading psychology which without it success will not be forthcoming.