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trade less

I usually post a chart of the week and a trade idea.

However, I cannot force a trading idea if there isn’t a quality set up for me to post about.

I decided to write this piece instead.

It’s quite apt considering there is no trade this week.


Trading less!

My equity curve and accounts are much better for it


Trading the financal markets successfully is very difficult.

You are probably more than aware of that fact already.

So, lets attempt to put the probabilities of being in profit in our favour by trading less.

I started trading over ten years ago and when I look back I definitely over-traded.

For some reason I wanted to be a day trader.

For new aspiring traders it is the first port of call.

It seems exciting, trading on the 5 minute chart trading multiple times a day, making multiple wins!

The truth is that is not very often the case.

Here I am over ten years later and there is only a handful of currencies I will day trade given the quality of the opportunites.

A balance of swing and some day trading is the key to a balanced positive return in my case.

Although for newer traders I suggest trading less.

Being a busy trader is fine, as long as you are busy using your time to anaylise rather than trade for the sake of trading.

This is not a route to quick success.




Less is more

Stalk quality trades and be patient

stalking trades

Taking fewer trades but concentraing on only the best quality set ups while being diciplined thorough patience can yeild better results.

When you look back at your trades that you lost money with, how many of those trades were not appropiate set ups in line with your stratergy?

How often did you bend your rules to place a trade?

Did you jump in too early, being impatient?

Was you out to revenge trade on a previous trading loss?

Over trading take many a traders account into the negative and often blow up accounts


Try trading less and see how you get on over the next month.

Ask yourself a series of questions and be honest with yourself before taking the trade.

Stick to your plan.

Don’t be afraid to lose though.

Read this for a trading Head check!




Thanks for reading.