In Oct 2019 I was fortunate to be interviewed by Dale Pinkert at Forex Analytix

Dale asked me to come on for a chat about the Forex market and Forex trading.

I was more than happy for the invite to be interviewed.

We went through a brief introduction before we discussed the markets.

The interview post was intentionally delayed seeing how my predictions would play out.

I had a strong view and conviction that AUD/USD and AUD/CAD would increase in price.

At the time of the interview AUD/USD was at 67.54 on 15th October 2019

I was already limit long and was expecting an increase in price to 70.00 as I explained to Dale.

In December 2019 AUD/USD hit 70.36

Winner image

70.00 was my first target as I stated to Dale.

It was good timing, right before Christmas holidays.

AUD/CAD was behaving in a similar fashion, it was of my opinion it was forming a base and catching traders offside who were short much like AUD/USD

To add there was a decoupling between GOLD and AUD/USD which usually has around an 80% correlation thus cementing my conviction in AUD/USD upside potential.

Watch the Interview and listen to me and Dale discuss the markets.

To enable solid convictions and remain confident you need a plan.

This all comes down to the correct framework or approach if you like.

Once you have a methodology you are on track for some success.

If you have a clear set of conditions that must be met to trade you can then back test.

Once you have back tested the conditions you can then understand how the methodology plays out.

If it is positive you can then move onto live trading and deploying capital.

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We have proved it works and we have success story of Tim Davies who is now consistent!

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