Why is Forex so Hard?


It took me much longer than it should have to learn to trade Forex!

Firstly there are so many fake traders out there that look the part on socials.

That is your first major issue…

A major contributing factor as to why trading Forex is so hard!

Do not, I repeat do not pay for education from anyone that doesn’t lead by example. I’ll get into that shortly…

Had I of had a ‘me’ and known what I know now about what I should focus on, (instead of focusing on what I thought I should)  then it would have taken me around 12 months to become consistent.

I’m going to share with you the fastest and safest route to trading success with the highest odds!

I was once in your position, constantly thinking why is Forex so hard!?

And then again, every few weeks, that thought would arrive and I’d think; why the f*@! is Forex so hard!?

I thought I knew what I needed to focus on to succeed.

why is Forex so Hard

Why is Forex so hard? Let me tell you…

Because you are simply focusing on the wrong stuff (Like I was) to make returns sustainably, is the simple answer.

Sustainable returns are the important part.

Many services market themselves without proof.

What they offer is ‘short term’ attractions.

‘Getting funded’ is not being a successful trader. It’s simply means passing a challenge.

Yes it is a positive outcome.

But as I say is it sustainable over a long period of time?

That is all that matters and what I over looked for years.

So many services will mislead you with forecasts and recap trading.

Captain hindsight analysis and trading is useless and proves F*** all because anyone can do that! It’s useless to you who’s learning to trade Forex.

It’s a major issue in the forex trading education industry.

That is why Forex is so hard to begin with. The education industry is full of pretend traders.

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Let me tell you, you should be doing the opposite to what the 90% are doing.

Every trader I’ve talked and worked with (hundreds) had the same issue, I imagine it’s yours too (apart from a complete beginner as they had no bad habits)

Forex doesn’t need to be harder than necessary. Thanks to the world wide web it’s full of dodgy characters and services who pretend they can help you to enrich themselves.

All the while they focus on pouring so much effort into disguising themselves as traders rather than actually prove they are traders! With rented lambos, other peoples yachts posting all this shit via social media posts and cherry picked data and screen shots with paid cult like followers supporting them.

The riches may be sometimes true, but if they really made it ‘trading forex’ they would prove their system works over a sustained period wouldn’t they…

Anyway, my focus was seriously misplaced for years thanks to the misleading nature of the services out there.

All I kept thinking was – Why is Forex so hard?

I’ll explain all and why you are very likely focusing in the wrong areas completely for success… much like every struggling trader.

This adds unnecessary time to your learning curve as well as hundreds if not thousands of pounds in wasted money.

Why is Forex so Hard to master?

There’s three main elements you must get right to succeed.

  1. The service or person you learn from and listen too has proven to you the system really works OVER A SUSTAINED PERIOD OF TIME to increase your odds hugely! I cover this in detail…
  2. The Forex trading strategy must be as close to checklist style as possible with a huge reduction in discretion, I explain all…
  3. Your Mindset is your biggest and best asset in trading, find out why…
    If you don’t have all three of the above all that will happen is you will delay your success if you don’t quit first.

    Had I of known what I know now then it would have took me around 12 months! But then I didn’t have me…

    1. Why is Forex so Hard?  – The service / person you learn from hasn’t proven to you the system really works over a sustained period of time

    Believe it or not most new and more advanced traders fall at the first hurdle when learning to trade Forex…

    They listen to the wrong people!

    Its alarming how many actually fall for it me included.

    Proof! You want proof that what you are learning works over a sustained period! Yet 95% of education comes with little to no proof.

    Example: the proof offered may be cherry picked live trades (a few here and there) trust pilot reviews, funded members, screen shots, forecasts and recap videos with after the event analysis. It may even be live trading but, 1 month, 2 months even 3 months isn’t enough. 12 months minimum.

    All of that is useless to you unless you have sustained proof…

  4. why-is-forex-so-hard

    Imagine you want to learn to fly a plane. Would you pay someone to learn to fly, who has never proven they can actually fly a plane successfully many times?

    Imagine the service deflects your query and says to you that they have flown it before. But you never had real evidence… they instead offer you client reviews or even video testimonials of other clients, but you still didn’t have evidence the instructor could fly the plane.

    I imagine you wouldn’t part with your cash or risk your life?

    This is common sense. To become a pilot you learn from a ‘pilot’ this is of course, how to increase YOUR odds of becoming a successful pilot and not crashing!

    Now apply that to your current Forex trading educator. You want to learn from a trader that ‘trades’, not ‘says’

    If they make such an effort everywhere else but their proof of trading skills and system how the hell can you trust them?

    The best teachers lead by example and demonstration. They walk the walk not just talk the talk.

    Proof: You require to evidence the system working in real time over a long period if not the service should offer that proof with their service or similar, not 1 month or 2 months a minimum of 12 months and / or live statements.  (Like at Able Trading check performance for our proof)

    Then you can be sure what you are learning really works and you increase your time and odds of success immediately!

    Why would anyone learning to trade not want to increase their odds of success and speed up the learning process? This is a game of odds and probability. Do everything what you can to increase your probability of success!

    2. Why is Forex so Hard? –  The Forex trading strategy must be as close to checklist style as possible with a reduction in discretion

    As briefly mentioned, odds and probability dominate Forex trading. Why? Because there is an uncertain outcome. On  ‘The Trades’

    Why is Forex so hard? It doesn’t need to be keep reading…

    So, what can do we do as traders to ensure we can have the trade outcome more certain than not? (An Edge)

    We have to identify a series of conditions that lead us to have more positive trade outcomes than negative ones. i.e. our profit target is hit before our stop loss.

    How do we do that?

    By reducing discretion and by trading the same conditions with minor discretion on a rinse and repeat basis so that we are ‘consistent’ in our approach.

    Then we can realise the statistical edge and win more than we lose over a period of time.

    What conditions am I talking about?

    I use indicators ‘to confirm a series conditions with zero discretion’ not to indicate a trade as many believe.

    Many say, indicators are lagging, so what, they are not used to indicate the future they are used to help me stay consistent in approach which is vital when you are trying to execute your edge.

    This means I know exactly when to trade and when not to trade!

    A incredibly important point in trading is to not over trade or interfering in and around your process. This will affect the statistical winning edge.

    This way I can remain consistent and stress free in my approach because its clear what I must confirm which delivers positive yielding results. (see performance here)

    Try and do that with pure price action and the huge amount of discretion will frustrate the hell out of you as each trade will be completely different.

    3. Why is Forex so Hard? – Your Mindset is your biggest and best asset in trading, and here’s why…

    I always thought the Forex trading strategy makes you the successful trader.

    That’s where I was focusing on for all those years ‘ entry conditions’ to make me a success… they matter because if they are unproven AND you dont have the right mindset you’ll be in a doom loop until you find a real trader or you quit!

    I was thinking that’s all I need to be a successful trader! It only took me 5 years to work it why that wouldn’t work!

    So, why is Forex so hard?

    Let me be clear

    YOU are the final cog in the strategy which makes it a success which is the final piece to the puzzle. YOU complete the strategy.

    As well as the proven strategy… when you don’t have direct guidance YOU cannot improve! That’s why it took me 5 years!

    But you don’t have to be alone…

    You must follow the process like a monk and only then will you see consistent results when you are consistent with the process.

    It starts and finishes with you.

    If you don’t have

    • Clear consistent conditions
    • A clear process to follow
    • Reduced discretion

    You will never allow the edge to play out in your favour!

    Luckily at Able Trading –

    • 3 year track record of live statements and 2 years of live trade alerts so you know its value and worth learning. Check Performance here 
    • A strict trading process to follow which is clear and a huge reduction in discretion which reduces time and wasted money!
    • Beginner friendly that’s seen members go full time, get funded and increase their surplus income!
    • Above all else you can access me in the trading room every day so no questions go unanswered in real time!